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Sid Meier's Civilization 4
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This community is all about Sid Meier's Civilization IV, the most recent development in the civilization genre.

Do you like taking over the world? Do you dream about being in total control? What's that? You like paece? Well, that's cool, too... you know, with the trading and the talking... or you could dominate the world with your superior culture! You don't need to be violent to be the best, most dominant civilization (but it's more fun if you are).

If the above describes you, this community is the place to be. Welcome to civ4, the community where global domination is a good thing. Here, you'll find many aspects of Civilization 4 discussed- good games, bad games, interesting scenarios, buggy software, imcompatible hardware, what's good about it, what's bad... comparisons to other civilization games, and so forth. Positive and negative aspects of the game are welcome!

Still not sure what Sid Meier's Civilization IV is about? Here's a quote from the Civ 4 manual:

"Welcome to Sid Meier's Civilization IV, the game in which you match wits against the greatest leaders of all time in a battle of warfare, diplomacy, religion, commerce, and technology. If you fail you will be destroyed, your empire just a pathetic and sad footnote in the annals of history. But if you succeed, your glory will live on forever, and you will build a civilization to stand the test of time!"

Civilization 4 resources:
  • Official site
  • Apolyton Civilization 4 page

    General Civilization resources:
  • CivFanatics
  • Apolyton main site
  • Civilization Anonymous (for those who are addicted)

  • Take2Games main support site
  • Take2Games patches

    Other Civ communites: (not affiliated)

    Have fun conquering the world (in whatever aspect you wish- whether by force, by culture, by religion, or by having the best diplomatic strategy) and happy civin'.

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