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Hello post. [Apr. 24th, 2010|11:50 am]
Sid Meier's Civilization 4


Hi, everyone - I'm new to Civ 4 (one month playing) but not new to Civilization. I picked up Civ1 in college in 1995 and was a heavy player of 2 and 3. World of Warcraft dominated my time until recently and the day I got my Civ 4 from Amazon.com I learned of Civ 5 being due out later this year.  (Hexagons!  Good heavens!)

I've been playing a few multiplayer games on the weekends and noticed most people just take the default names for their cities, at least online.  I never use the default names (except in multiplayer - after all, when in Rome or whatever capital city your civ uses...)

My first game in Civ 1 (of which I still remember the geography quite clearly) I made up the name "Dresbach" for my capital.  I named my next city "Roga Bay" because it was on a bay, and I named the next on "Kallen", can't recall why.  My next city was across a desert so I named it "Last Gas". 

Since then, my civ always includes those cities.  Dresbach is almost always the first city and capital.  Roga Bay is my first coastal city (bay or no), and Last Gas it often the first by a desert.  Kallen is whatever is in between.  From there I just make up names - it's great fun for me - other names I use further on pop up too: "Crossroads" is always a town crammed in between a bunch of towns to take up some meager unused space, "Barbary" is always near the first barbarian town I find, and "Stupmon" is a town near a volatile border - originally named after the Mongals.

My civilization is always the Aardvarkiaan Empire (I've liked aardvarks), so sometimes I create "End of Snout" at the tips of Peninsulas.

So I have to ask - does anyone else have city names they stick to and use?

Also, I'm enjoying Civ 4, but there is one thing I miss: being able to take units out into the open ocean before getting astronomy.  Building triremes and sending them out on suicide missions on the off chance you may find a new continent was fun and risky!